Saturday, January 21, 2012

Relevance of Cartoons in Modern Age

Always remember that a cartoonist should view everything in a humorous perspective. A cartoonist should use his tools to create healthy criticism. He /she never bend the truth.

A person who flips through a magazine is first attracted by the cartoons in it. Only after going through them does he reads the articles in it.It is because cartoons are very interesting and easy to understand.

Daumier has used his cartoons to target corrupt authorities. Once he was sentenced to 100 months imprisonment for drawing a cartoon.

An American names Thomas Nast designed the signs used by Republican and Democrat Party.The symbols are elephant and donkey respectively.
The core of a cartoon is the idea and humour. They help project day to day events easily and create insight in reader's mind. Cartoonists should not only be skilled in art but also think in humorous perspective.Even illiterate people can understand cartoons.Even in this modern age cartoons are getting more popular.

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