Thursday, January 19, 2012

Points to be noted

Here are some points to be noted to become a successful cartoonist

  • A cartoonist should have the ability to view things from a comical  perspective
  • All tools[ Refer to previous post] should be arranged so that you can get them at an arms length
  • First picture the things in mind, then draw them with pencil. You can analyze them after drawing them with pencil. If you find error, correct them. Once you are satisfied, you can give ink.
  • If a cartoon fails, its not your failure. Learn to draw another one with greater enthusiasm.
  • At least spent 2 hours daily to practice
  •  Hardworking cartoonists can practice with characters and events from history and other stories in addition to the upcoming lessons.
  • Cultivate reading habit
  • Try to make a sketch of events in real life like different facial expressions, animals birds etc.
So that was all about what to do in order to be a successful cartoonist. Please let me know your ideas, suggestions, opinions and criticisms by commenting below so that I can provide you with better lessons.

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